Friday, February 28, 2014

Big Market

Hello lovers,

Today I went to Amstelveen because there was a weekly market. I went there with my sister, because last Tuesday, I promised to go with her to the market, and today was the biggest market nearby my house, so I took her with me.
It was a long time ago that I went to a market. I really love the market because all those fruits, fish, flowers, everything is so fresh and especially the fruits smell so good. You can buy a lot of things like clothes, shoes, food, stuff for your bicycle and car.
I was looking for some pretty flowers in my room and some good food. My sister was looking for spring rolls, because she knows that here are the best spring rolls she ever had. (And she's only nine years..) And we bought two, for each one, and I need to say.. Those spring rolls are damn tasty! Especially with some hot sauce. There was a long row, but it was definitely worth it. I wish someone could bring some spring rolls to my house everyday.
After we ate, we continued walking through the market. I saw some flowershops, but not those flowers I was looking for, until the very last one. This one had the most beautiful roses, in different colours, I wished I could brought them all with me, and fill my whole room.

      fafafafaaaaaaaaaaSo pretty, especially those pink roses

The fruitmarkets were not that special, and they hadn't those exotic fruits I was looking for. Too bad, it's not the season yet. Hopefully next time better.
What are you looking for when you going to a market?

Kisses, Misaki

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