Sunday, March 2, 2014

My second fashion home


Yesterday I went to Amstelveen (yes, again) because Friday, I went to the mango and I saw a beautiful brown jacket from 65 to 35 euros, can you believe that?! So I was looking for my size, and I found it. It fitted perfect, but the problem was..I had not enough money with me. Damn. So I left it behind, and crossed my fingers that no one bought the jacket, because I wanted it so badly. After  the mango I went to other stores, but there was nothing, so I went home.
When I went to bed, I could only think about the beautiful brown jacket, and I couldn't sleep because of it. My brain said 'You need to buy the jacket, tomorrow, after work.' So after work I hopped in the bus and went to Amstelveen, with enough money. I was so excited and couldn't wait to buy the jacket.
When the bus stopped I got off and literally ran to the mango. I think people thought what the hack, but whatever, everything for clothes, right?
I knew exactly where the jackets hung. But when I was looking, there was only ONE left. O. My. God. Someone else found the jackets too, was the first thought. Quickly I looked for the size of the left one, it was xs. Shit, one size too small, but I went to the fitting room. I pulled the jacket on, and yes, it was a little too tight. I was so angry I hadn't enough money the day before, so I could buy the perfect size, and I left the mango, without the perfect jacket.
Going home without buying something is one of the worst and dissapointed feelings, so I went to the zara to look at the beautiful new collection to cheer myself up. How happy someone can be just to look at some clothes. Luckily there was a little sale, so I was looking through some shirts, bags, shoes, and jackets. Most of the jackets were way too big, but then...I saw it. Love at first sight. I grabbed the black-grey jacket, with fluffy fabric on the inside. There was only size m left, but I thought, why not trying on. Maybe it will fit perfect. So I went to the fitting room, and nervously I pulled the jacket on. JACKPOT, IT FITTED! I was sooo happy, because it's the perfect jacket for this weather, especially in Holland. And it was from 80 to 30 euros. I couldn't stop smiling and I was so happy I went to the zara to take a look.
My new baby. It's so fluffeh 
I hope it's not gonna rain so much, so I can wear this jacket a thousand times. I love the feeling when I bought something I really wanted and it's perfect.
Now I'm going back to learn math. Worst. Subject. Ever. Like I don't need this in my life, let me blog and relax. Please.

Kisses, Misaki 

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