Sunday, March 9, 2014

Balenciaga trend

When someone says the word Balenciaga and cut out together, like every woman on earth will scream. It's 'the' trend of now, and like everyone is wearing the cut out boots. Balenciaga or not. 
You can match these boots with everything. A dress, casual outfit, naked, everything. I mean, look at them!
One problem is, you need to wear these boots without socks, what means wetty sweatty feets all day, gurl you okay with that? Ofcourse. Everything for the perfect outfit.

I love this tumblr account, take a look ( )
I've been looking for some bloggers wearing these shoes, and I found some perfect matches. Here we go.

This is one of my favourite favorites. It's so simple, yet very fashionable. She's wearing a white-black contrast, and it looks very good on her. Wearing a simple white tee with a comfy white cardigan matching with black jeans and the balenciaga cut out shoes and a black back with transparant sunglasses. I love it. 

I like this one too. She's wearing a shirt with a print, ripped jeans, poppin orange coloured céline bag with balenciaga cut out shoes. YES. This is something you can wear when you're going to the city and go shopping with friends and looking at hot guys, haha.
Daring outfit. I like the black, white and green colours together. It looks very good on her.

Army green, my god I can't get enough of this colour. Especially matching this with a little white dress = perfect.

See you soon! Kisses, Misaki 

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