Sunday, March 9, 2014

Balenciaga trend

When someone says the word Balenciaga and cut out together, like every woman on earth will scream. It's 'the' trend of now, and like everyone is wearing the cut out boots. Balenciaga or not. 
You can match these boots with everything. A dress, casual outfit, naked, everything. I mean, look at them!
One problem is, you need to wear these boots without socks, what means wetty sweatty feets all day, gurl you okay with that? Ofcourse. Everything for the perfect outfit.

I love this tumblr account, take a look ( )
I've been looking for some bloggers wearing these shoes, and I found some perfect matches. Here we go.

This is one of my favourite favorites. It's so simple, yet very fashionable. She's wearing a white-black contrast, and it looks very good on her. Wearing a simple white tee with a comfy white cardigan matching with black jeans and the balenciaga cut out shoes and a black back with transparant sunglasses. I love it. 

I like this one too. She's wearing a shirt with a print, ripped jeans, poppin orange coloured céline bag with balenciaga cut out shoes. YES. This is something you can wear when you're going to the city and go shopping with friends and looking at hot guys, haha.
Daring outfit. I like the black, white and green colours together. It looks very good on her.

Army green, my god I can't get enough of this colour. Especially matching this with a little white dress = perfect.

See you soon! Kisses, Misaki 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My second fashion home


Yesterday I went to Amstelveen (yes, again) because Friday, I went to the mango and I saw a beautiful brown jacket from 65 to 35 euros, can you believe that?! So I was looking for my size, and I found it. It fitted perfect, but the problem was..I had not enough money with me. Damn. So I left it behind, and crossed my fingers that no one bought the jacket, because I wanted it so badly. After  the mango I went to other stores, but there was nothing, so I went home.
When I went to bed, I could only think about the beautiful brown jacket, and I couldn't sleep because of it. My brain said 'You need to buy the jacket, tomorrow, after work.' So after work I hopped in the bus and went to Amstelveen, with enough money. I was so excited and couldn't wait to buy the jacket.
When the bus stopped I got off and literally ran to the mango. I think people thought what the hack, but whatever, everything for clothes, right?
I knew exactly where the jackets hung. But when I was looking, there was only ONE left. O. My. God. Someone else found the jackets too, was the first thought. Quickly I looked for the size of the left one, it was xs. Shit, one size too small, but I went to the fitting room. I pulled the jacket on, and yes, it was a little too tight. I was so angry I hadn't enough money the day before, so I could buy the perfect size, and I left the mango, without the perfect jacket.
Going home without buying something is one of the worst and dissapointed feelings, so I went to the zara to look at the beautiful new collection to cheer myself up. How happy someone can be just to look at some clothes. Luckily there was a little sale, so I was looking through some shirts, bags, shoes, and jackets. Most of the jackets were way too big, but then...I saw it. Love at first sight. I grabbed the black-grey jacket, with fluffy fabric on the inside. There was only size m left, but I thought, why not trying on. Maybe it will fit perfect. So I went to the fitting room, and nervously I pulled the jacket on. JACKPOT, IT FITTED! I was sooo happy, because it's the perfect jacket for this weather, especially in Holland. And it was from 80 to 30 euros. I couldn't stop smiling and I was so happy I went to the zara to take a look.
My new baby. It's so fluffeh 
I hope it's not gonna rain so much, so I can wear this jacket a thousand times. I love the feeling when I bought something I really wanted and it's perfect.
Now I'm going back to learn math. Worst. Subject. Ever. Like I don't need this in my life, let me blog and relax. Please.

Kisses, Misaki 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Big Market

Hello lovers,

Today I went to Amstelveen because there was a weekly market. I went there with my sister, because last Tuesday, I promised to go with her to the market, and today was the biggest market nearby my house, so I took her with me.
It was a long time ago that I went to a market. I really love the market because all those fruits, fish, flowers, everything is so fresh and especially the fruits smell so good. You can buy a lot of things like clothes, shoes, food, stuff for your bicycle and car.
I was looking for some pretty flowers in my room and some good food. My sister was looking for spring rolls, because she knows that here are the best spring rolls she ever had. (And she's only nine years..) And we bought two, for each one, and I need to say.. Those spring rolls are damn tasty! Especially with some hot sauce. There was a long row, but it was definitely worth it. I wish someone could bring some spring rolls to my house everyday.
After we ate, we continued walking through the market. I saw some flowershops, but not those flowers I was looking for, until the very last one. This one had the most beautiful roses, in different colours, I wished I could brought them all with me, and fill my whole room.

      fafafafaaaaaaaaaaSo pretty, especially those pink roses

The fruitmarkets were not that special, and they hadn't those exotic fruits I was looking for. Too bad, it's not the season yet. Hopefully next time better.
What are you looking for when you going to a market?

Kisses, Misaki

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Days like these..

Hey there, 

It feels so good to have vacation and don't stress about school. My favourite feeling when I have vacation is the moment when I wake up, and feeling totally refreshed, because I had enough sleep and didn't wake up at 7 am feeling tired. Actually, I can sleep all day long, but I don't want to waste time by too much sleeping, so I set an alarm at 9:30 am.
The first thing I do when I wake up is checking my phone, I know, I know..I'm a little social media addicted. (But who isn't lately?)
Right now, I'm doing a little homework, because I can't plan things, I just can't. The problem is, because I can't plan, I stress a lot at the last moment and do everything late in the night. So that's the main reason why I am doing it in my vacation, I deserve a pat, haha.
When I finished this, I'm going to watch my favourite show, Pretty Little Liars! I'm totally addicted and watched one whole season in 5 days, oops.. It's so addictive and I can't think about something else anymore, so bad. Who do you think A is? Right now, I think it's Jenna or Ian, but I just watched season 1, so I'm not that far. My friends think Aria is A, because of this YouTube clip

What do you think? I'm so confused of this, but first I need to watch till season four, so I know for sure who A is.
Well I'm going to finish my homework, and watch PLL all day long. Perfect day don't you think? I think I need to hang out with friends, because PLL is making me crazy.

Kisses, Misaki